Monday, 22 August 2011

Still not sleeping, but life's too short!

Evening people out there in Blogger World, I hope the world finds you with a smile on your face and some glorious weather finally giving us a slice of summer that we've been waiting patiently for.

This weekend, I was at Silverstone once again with my brother and Dad, this time for the Renault World Series meeting. The tickets for the actual weekend are free (which is a brilliant concept by Renault and ensures packed grandstands) and there's plenty to do. Overall, there were 10 races over the two days across five different categories: FR3.5, FR2.0 Euro, FR2.0 UK, Megane Trophy and Clio Cup. If there are any motorsport fans out there, they'll recognise the FR2.0 UK and Clio Cup rounds from the BTCC coverage on ITV4, but it's still a strange experience to watch people racing what are essentially glorified family cars around a race track. For what they are, they're still pretty quick and along with the Meganes, they provided some top action with plenty of overtaking.

The weather held off for pretty much the entire weekend barring some rain on Saturday night and a light shower early on Sunday morning, but even that wasn't enough to prevent the 2.0 UK guys from going out and racing on slicks. There are definitely some top names in there like Alex Lynn, who won both UK rounds on Sunday as well as winning the first 2.0 Europe round and finishing second in the second race. All in all, a pretty top weekend for that guy! If he keeps up with that, his career can go far and he could well find himself moving up the categories in years to come.

Though the racing action was pretty good throughout the weekend, I can't say the same for sleeping over the weekend. Unlike the GP weekend, I had some sleeping mats so I wasn't using the earth as my mattress, but my sleeping pattern was completely destroyed. Even though we were going to bed around 11pm each night, I found myself unable to get to sleep for at least an hour on all three nights, and then waking up a couple of times in the night...each time finding myself struggling to nod off again. There were a couple of times during Sunday where I was ready to fall asleep, and I'm pretty tired now...but surprisingly, I resisted the temptation to go for a nap earlier in the day and should hopefully sleep pretty well tonight.

The actual campsite, Silverstone Woodlands, was a really great site and far superior to the site I stayed in for the British Grand Prix in July. Now, I imagine that the fact that there were far less people staying at Woodlands for this weekend than the GP makes a difference, but the actual facilities were so much better. As a simple example, the showers at Woodlands are electrically powered, so there's hot water. That's the biggest thing: I had hot water to get a shower. The pub on site was brilliantly named (The Petrol Head) and offered relatively cheap drinks as well as the food van having possibly the greatest burgers known to motorsport fans. All in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend and I'll get the photos up onto Facebook within the next day or so. I'll hopefully get back to Silverstone next year and check out a couple of other events and maybe...just maybe, see some other circuits around the country. Of course, I'm looking at using the year abroad with uni as an opportunity to see a European race, either in Germany itself or going off to somewhere like Spa or Monza.

Now, on a slightly different note and a completely new idea, I know I've been writing a fair bit recently. However, I'd like to think that I've got good enough reasoning for doing that. I've been looking at some new ventures in the last couple of weeks and doing a bit of email sending because of this, and I think I'm getting some good ideas and tips from it. Now, you're probably thinking "Stop being so cryptic and stupid, either share your 'venture' or shut up." So I long-term plan is to write a short set of stand-up material. I'm not planning or hoping to become big, but if I can write a short set and then start to edit that and perfect it over a matter of time, I'll feel I've accomplished something there. This isn't something that I'm going to be doing overnight though, and it'll probably take me a while to get there. But that's something for me to work on, and by writing for a good length of time each day (don't worry, I'm only posting on here every few days) I might eventually reach that line.

Anyway, we'll see how far that progresses with time. I'l keep writing each day, simply because it's something that I enjoy doing anyway.

"If you're stuck in your life and there is something YOU want to do, commit! That's the first step. Look at it and figure out what you have to do to make it possible and it WILL happen!"

Enjoy your week people, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this blog or on the Facebook link. Stay safe people and have a great couple of days.

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