Friday, 14 June 2013

Catching up

I have to admit that since starting the podcast a couple of months ago, this blog has definitely taken a backseat. You can tell that by looking at the number of posts I've made in here over the last few, maybe two a month at best. But that really isn't good enough and it's something that needs to be changed to some extent. Even if I just start writing things of a different nature (because life can't always be incredibly exciting), it keeps me writing and keeps a regular output.

So where has life taken me in the last few weeks?

Well, after the little incident of falling over at cricket and getting a bump on the head, I ended up getting the rather polite suggestion from work that I go and get seen by a doctor. Surprise, surprise...I officially have another concussion to add to the list, though we sort of already knew that. It's been what, six weeks since I did that? My head is about as fine as it could be. Headaches can come and go, but I've had that happening for so long that it barely registers as something worth noticing.

Work has been rather good. Admittedly, having two or three weeks where both Thomas and Benjamin were off work wasn't ideal though it did give me a rather large to-do list which was dealt with in a successful and appropriate manner. My time-management skills might need a bit of work though. I'm not sure whether the work was MEANT to last me three weeks...but I had everything done in about two, and that was with working at what I thought was a relatively gentle pace.

I definitely needed a bit of a break though. Since coming back from England at the start of the year, I'd used relatively little in terms of my holidays. I took a few days off when my brother came over to visit for 16 Carat and then a single day of holiday when I made my flying visit to the UK in early April. Aside from that though, it's pretty much been five months without a break...and I was starting to feel a bit worn out by it all. So this week, I took the entire week off. There was some good logical thinking behind this, as I'll get into now.

Rachel and Beth came over for the weekend and brought the surprise of the year when Ben walks through Arrivals at the airport with them. Didn't see it coming (it helps when they didn't speak much to me in the week leading up to the trip, just in case someone spilled the beans) and I was more than pleased to see him. That was a really fun weekend and I enjoyed hanging out with them again and just spending some time with friends that I haven't been able to see for a long time. When they left on Monday evening, it was the end of a really good couple of days.

So what about the rest of the week? Well, to be honest...Tuesday was a bit of a write-off. I went for a walk into the city centre, went on a boat tour and just had some time to myself to take in the world. The definition of a lazy day, and then I followed it up by watching some cricket. Wednesday was the day that's been marked on my calendar for months...and I mean months. I think I bought tickets to Iron Maiden in late October, so it's been over 6 months of build up to this show. Hessie was meant to come originally (hence the gig being in Frankfurt, not Hamburg) but life doesn't always work out that way and SusiSuse was kind enough to take up the offer of the second ticket and come with me.

What a gig. Iron Maiden may be getting on in age a little bit, but they can definitely still put on one hell of a show. The Festhalle was a really great building too, so good choice of location to them on a venue. 

Today being Friday...I'm having a laid back morning and afternoon. A couple of hours of cricket awaits this evening. The weather is nice once again, and the three weeks of torrential rain seems to be behind us. It might be a bit too late for Spring to have finally maybe we're just getting an early summer. As long as it doesn't snow in August, I'll be happy with that.

I'm writing more too. Not necessarily on here, but I decided that I want to at least try and have a go at comedy in the future. At the moment, it's just a case of writing ideas and some early material and then once I get back to England, testing some stuff out and seeing whether I can make some people laugh. 

The podcast is going really well too, and I'm happy with the path it has been taking in recent weeks. There are episodes that I want to do in future weeks provided I can find the right guest, and there are some guests that I'd like to have on where...well, it might not really matter if there's a topic or not. The audience seems to be there and enjoying the content. Which reminds me...I need to record the intro for this week. The building work seems to have quietened down outside, so now might be a good time to do that...

I shall return.