Sunday, 13 February 2011

I think I'm losing track of time in the world...

I've not written anything on here for a fair few weeks, which is my own fault. I shouldn't neglect this blog's a nice thing for me to write. I have no idea what sort of readership there is to it, but I know there are a couple of people who read it whenever I post something. So to you guys, gals, boys, girls, ladies, gentlemen, madmen, lunatics and plain-old nutcases...thank you. It's much appreciated.

So I'm just about to head into my fourth week of the second semester, and it's been a very good few weeks. The introduction of a new flatmate into the world was a good one, and I think it's helped me bond with people in my flat better than I did in the first semester. Due to my allegiance to New Zealand from Kirubin, I have to say that the only downside to Rachel is that she's Australian. I kid though, she's cool. Not a bad cook either..

The house is sorted for next year, which is positive since it means I've got somewhere to live! Wahoo!! I haven't actually seen the house, which some may say is a bit of a downside, but since I'm living with half a dozen people next year (and one yet to be decided), most of them have seen it, so everything's good. The people who viewed the house seem to like it, it's got all of the bills included in the rent and for some reason, it also has a Sky TV package. I'm *fairly* certain that that wasn't the selling point of the house, but I won't complain since I'll get a chance to watch wrestling a bit more regularly and won't have to download everything. I'll probably have to record most of the stuff and then watch it at random points of the week, but it'll be cool. I might have an excuse to start watching Raw and Smackdown again...always good.

I think I might have messed my sleeping pattern up as well...not so smart. For some reason, my body has decided that it gets ridiculously tired by about 8pm and I fall asleep for an hour. In return for this badly timed nap, I then find myself awake until 4am. Perfect if I'm living in a different timezone, but I'm not. So please body, sort yourself out.

I realise that's a message to myself. It's a message to sort myself out. Interesting...

I do seem to have very little concept of time though. Not in the idea of "Oh, what time is it? Shit, I was meant to be in a lecture half an hour ago." but in the idea of how I seem to have very little idea as to what day of the week it is and I couldn't tell you the date most of the time. I do seem to slip into some form of auto-pilot though. Part of my brain just knows that I drum on a Monday and a Wednesday, so that always gets done. At uni, I'm in the routine where I just follow a similar pattern of going from class to class and then to the library to get some work done in the spare time. Chances are I've gone insane or something...

This week is looking to be a good one. We've got a few drumming gigs coming up which should be pretty cool. There's a gig at The Wells on Friday at some point (I don't really know the full details of that) and then we're having a charity night at The Packhorse pub on Saturday night. That's playing with a Columbian group and some other funky bands. I'm really looking forward to that night, should be a good one. If you want to come to that gig, it's £4 on the door or if you get a ticket from me, you get the HoneyDrum discount and it's just £3. That's cheaper than most clubs and you can get a few drinks with friends and have a great night while raising charity for a Columbian charity, Semillas de Esperanza.

Also, my mum's coming up on Wednesday for the day...and my brother might be coming along as well. I've not seen them for a month so that'll be pretty cool. Like I say, it's going to be a good week.