Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Growing up isn't easy

A couple of evenings ago, I had a rather enjoyable conversation on Skype with Rachel. That's right Rachel, enjoy your moment in the sunshine...because it's only going to go downhill from here in this entry. ;-) Apart from her almost seeing a bit too much of me at one point, we actually had something of a serious conversation about growing up and where life is taking us. Well, mainly me...but the topic definitely applied to Rachel too.

As we all know, I've been in Germany for near on a year now. Which means that my time in this land is coming to an end for the time being as in a shade under five weeks, I'll be packing my bags and heading back to England for the last year of university and a probable end to my road of education unless I suddenly find myself wanting/needing to do a Masters course...it's possible. Anything is possible really.

Currently, my aim is to move back out to Germany after completing my degree. I know that's my plan, my parents know that's my plan, my friends know that's the plan...pretty much everyone who knows, or who has asked me about life after university knows that coming back to Germany is the plan. It might be Hamburg, I could find myself in a different city...it all hinges on where I can find work. I'm working from the mindset that I need to go where the work is and there's not a lot of point saying to myself that I want to live somewhere and not be able to find a job there.

But the conversation was spearheaded by talking about this and Rachel secretly admitting that she might actually have an ounce of humanity towards me by saying that if I move back to Germany...she'll miss me. Once I'd gotten over the shock of hearing those words coming from her pint sized mouth (that's not being overly cruel, more a reference to her Twitter handle), it got me thinking a bit about other friends that I have where a similar scenario can, and probably will play over over the next year or two.

I'm taking it as something of a given that most of my friends who are also studying German will be spreading their wings after graduation to some extent. There'll be some of us who head back out to Germany/Austria to find/continue work and our lives, some will stay in the UK, whether going back to family or working in another city. Then there's always the option of moving to another country altogether. But I mean, that's just the sort of thing you'd expect from leaving university, especially having done a language degree.

Elsewhere, I've got friends who may decide to head back to other parts of the world, whether returning back East or to other parts of Europe where they had lives set before starting at university. 

So it wouldn't be completely unreasonable to think that there's a potential situation arising where some of my closest friends scatter around the world and those friendships become built on exchanges of emails, Skype calls and talking on Facebook. That's a slightly scary scenario and almost leads to a reset where it wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility to find myself in a city and needing to start from scratch in terms of building new friendships. I mean, the ones I have now will last for years and years.

As I say though, I have to be realistic in my aims and aspirations for the future. There's no point in me returning to Hamburg if I have no money, no job and nothing concrete sorted out apart from "I want to live in Germany", and if I find work in the UK or another part of the world, then so be it...that's where I go.

Why do I need to grow up? Why can't we all just stay as we are and hang out in Leeds? Still, it's going to be a fun next stage!

Of course, when it all falls apart in a few years, I'll be moving to the USA to try and become a comedian...so none of what I've written above really matters.