Friday, 5 August 2011

Back to Leeds and (hopefully) to more productivity

This will only be a short entry since it's pretty late and I'm probably heading to bed once I finish typing this. Chances are I'll be back with a longer entry at some point over the weekend or on Monday.

I'm back in Leeds for a short while. Well, until I decide to go back home, which will be sometime before the 18th of August. So I'm looking at just under two weeks here, but those plans can change based on my level of interest and amusement. I came back up here for a few reasons, mainly because I'd left all of my books in my room and felt I needed to do some work and also because I wanted to FINALLY start reading Chris Jericho's first autobiography, get the rest of the DVDs that I'd left behind (most of which are wrasslin' boxsets which Emma keeps bugging me) and get a bit of a break.

It's strange how having lived independently on my own for the last year, I love being at home, but I do like having my own space and being able to get away. Of course, it means I've got to make ALL of my meals (though it means there aren't any arguments about what to have, unless I start arguing with myself. In which case, I really have gone insane and I'm beyond all help) but that's fine by me. I've got plenty of food here anyway, so that's not a major concern.

So I've come to Leeds with good intentions and the aim of doing some work and sorting things out, but the key is actually making sure I do these things and don't spend my time sat around doing nothing. I'm not a major fan of that anyway, I feel I need to try and do something productive with my time to make it worthwhile, otherwise I may as well be sat at home doing nothing...

I'm feeling a bit limited with my movement though, so that might well play a factor. I did a good job of messing my right knee playing cricket last weekend and that hasn't healed over properly. But my left leg is the main concern now, and it is something of a concern. Something happened to it on Tuesday when I was at the pub and it caused more pain than I've experienced with it...and it even meant I was unable to be the stubborn fool I love to be and accept a lift home rather than walking. Before then, it's never really been anything more than a bit of a nuisance, but it actually started to be a problem and I've found myself hobbling around almost constantly...which surely isn't good. So if it doesn't start to feel a bit better when I head back home, I'll look into getting that checked after I return from Silverstone.

With that, it's gone 1am. The decision now isn't so I watch Torchwood from earlier in the evening, go straight to bed or catch up with Deathsquad podcasts?

Torchwood and co can wait until morning...podcasts and sleep are needed. Good night world.

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