Friday, 3 June 2011

A tale of two entries: Part 1

Another week has passed, and it's been a pretty good week to be honest. I was home Thursday-Tuesday which was really good as I got some time to relax and recharge the batteries a bit after some exams and to unwind a bit at what is essentially the end of the academic year.

On Friday and Saturday, I went off to Ellesmere Port to go and see some 1PW shows with Andrew. If you have no interest in reading about this, I'm's pretty late and I'm just writing. Skip down a couple of paragraphs. I'll do a line break so you can pick it up again.

Pretty good stuff, and considering the amount of problems that were circulating with them having failed to bring a load of the advertised names and then visa issues for others, it was good. Just goes to show that you don't need to rely on international names as there is plenty of fantastic talent in the UK.

Friday was a bit dead in terms of crowd to be honest. I don't want this entry to turn into a full wrestling entry, but for the sake of it, in 2005-2007 or so, 1PW had a pretty loyal fanbase. And they were loyal. I remember being at the King of Europe event where a fight nearly broke out because a group of them were getting overly passionate about what they were seeing. But now, after a couple of changes of owner and a lack of trust in the fans, that fanbase is pretty much gone. What they've now got is crowds that aren't really there for the company, but for the in-ring action...and at points it seemed like there was just polite applause after spots.

Saturday picked up a bit, but the crowd must have been a disappointment. I was expecting a bigger layout in the building, but there must have been no more than 275 people in that building...and considering that was the "supershow" with big names, it's not great news. But I got to meet a couple of the UK guys and have a chat with them, so that was good. Very cool guys and hopefully I bump into them again in the future.


I also got a chance to catch up with Sophie, which involved drinking rather large amounts of tea over the span of about 2 hours. As always, good to just sit down and chat and go on about everything and nothing at the same time. There was nothing amazingly unusual that came up in the conversation, it was just a lot of rambling and talking about random stuff. We briefly discussed me going up to Sheffield to visit her and her flatmate. From what I've heard, I've got a mini fan club in Sheffield, which is pretty awesome. So fingers crossed I'll be back up there in the next week or two.

So I don't really know when I'll next be back in Liverpool, but I need to head back sometime soon because there are some people that I haven't seen for quite a while, and I do miss them. It's just a case of missing opportunities and whatnot, and so there are people like Foy who I don't think I've seen for quite a while.

Currently, it's just after 1.30am, and I'm starting to feel sleepy. My sleep pattern has been thrown a little bit in the last few days, but I'll be back tomorrow or Saturday with Part 2 of my tale to share what's been happening in my life since I got back to Leeds on Tuesday. Put it this way, I've not really stopped since I stepped off the coach! I've found that my viewing numbers are pretty dependent on what time of day I post the blog, so I'll probably plug this tomorrow as well with the next entry, see if I can boost the numbers on it a little bit. Don't forget to share it with anyone else who might like it though! I'm getting readers from a couple of countries according to my stats, so let's see how far we can go!

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