Saturday, 25 June 2011

Take a minute and step away from the world.

I'm back, and this time I come with the promise of being more entertaining than a Dean Malenko promo. Yes, I know it's not a 1980s reference, or a Warrior reference, but I'm pretty tired and the only jokes I could think of were to do with Brooklyn Brawler.

I sat down to write this last night (that being Friday) but had absolutely nothing to think of, or nothing that I felt was worth writing about apart from telling you about my day. It was a fun day, but there wasn't a lot to say. I went to Amanda's flat, watched (most of) a film with her and Hessie, ate some pizza and generally messed around watching some old videos and whatnot on the internet. I used to love Weebls Stuff, but haven't really been on it for a while. I'm making up for it now though, so it's all good.

Oh, and it was raining when I came back to my flat, so I got rather wet (plus cargo pants aren't anywhere near as rain-friendly as you might expect). All in all, a very fun day.

However, I've just been out on my bike and suddenly feel like writing. Amazing how that can happen. Maybe it's just the desire and need to get out of the city and completely separate myself from the world for an hour or two, maybe there's something away from all of the cars that gets my creativity flowing...or maybe it's the fact that I spent a large chunk of the journey singing about Magical Trevor.

I highly doubt it was the last one...but stranger things have happened.

Seriously though, it's pretty cool how calm and peaceful the world can be just a few miles away from a relatively busy city. I didn't go maybe more than 10km from my flat (which if you're using old money, is a shade over 6 miles), but after I went under a bridge for the M1, I didn't hear another car until I went back under that bridge on the way back. There was a point where I stopped and watched a family of ducks crossing the canal. Well, I say that...three ducklings were in the middle, the parent was flapping its wings furiously and shooting from side to side, and there were two others who were quite happy sat on the side and not really going anywhere...I think next time I head out that way, I'll take my camera and get some snapshots, even just for my own benefit.

Anyway, I'm back in Leeds, and having just said goodbye to Jess, I'm becoming more aware of the fact that I'm moving out of Clarence Dock in a week and into a the city...surrounded by loads of other houses...and nowhere near the canal. Strange, and this year really has flown by when I think about it. Obviously, things start to get more serious now as results for uni and whatnot now matter and will go towards my final degree. Seems pretty important. Probably because it is.

It's rather scary really.

Still, it's less than two weeks until I'll be at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix which should be several flavours of awesomeness. I also decided to get tickets for the World Series by Renault, which is also at Silverstone, in August. I'm not sure why they do it, but the tickets for that event are free, so I took it upon myself to make that family weekend away of sorts, with Emma being the only exception because she'd only spend the weekend complaining about how it's cars and racing and that Jenson Button isn't there for her to try and kidnap. Plus I could only order a maximum of four tickets. Such is life!

I can hear my stomach growling at me again...I suspect it's time for dinner.

Until next time!

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