Thursday, 30 June 2011

A nap is fine, but it screws with your mind (or at the very least, your body clock)

It's currently 4.26am, the sun is just about to start rising over Leeds (a quick glance to Google suggests sunrise is at 4.38 today, which is rather splendid) and I'm still awake. Why am I still awake?

To be honest, I'm not quite sure. Well, I am's because I spent a good chunk of my evening asleep. Despite having done very little during my day, I was feeling incredibly tired and felt like I needed a little nap. Of course, a little nap actually turned into a total of about 2 hours asleep, which really isn't good. I'd done so little yesterday that the highlight was being on Skype to Andrew for about two hours, just following him around in his day. I even got to go in the fridge and the oven. Turns out the light does go off in the fridge when you shut the door. Now that little mystery is solved, the world can sleep easier while I sit up writing this.

But usually when I have a sleep like that during the evening, I don't have too many difficulties getting to sleep at night. Today (I'm going to get really confused as to whether today is today, or if it's yesterday. I suppose I'm still thinking on Wednesday, so today is technically tomorrow. It's all a bit much to understand at 4.30...) is a strange one though. Since waking up, I've felt incredibly active and rather full of energy. Again though, I've not actually done a lot with this time apart from taking down photos and posters from my wall. Then again, I guess there's only so much you can do at 11.30pm when you're in the flat on your own...

I have managed to watch the entire second series of Peep Show though. The early episodes are pretty awesome, and there's some great characters and stories in it. At least one moment in each episode where I had to either pause the episode or go back because I was chucking so hard at something in it. Who could forget Super Hans telling the world that crack really is quite moreish?

Thursday doesn't really need to be a very productive day. Josh is leaving this morning, so I'll be back to being in the flat on my own. I'll just clean up the kitchen and start to throw things out that aren't needed anymore. Suppose I should actually start to pack up myself since I move house at the weekend. Bloody hell...that's a bit scary. It only feels like a short time ago I was writing my first blog entry on here about how my life was in a series of boxes and I was about to move here.

Oh, how times change...much like the seasons, or the rising and falling of the sun. Speaking of which, sunrise is officially two minutes away. I'll go and have a look, see if anything magical or mystical happens. Keep sleeping world, I'll join you eventually.

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