Thursday, 16 June 2011

Keep on keeping busy

Since I last wrote, I've been pretty busy. Without a doubt, that's a good thing because it means that any fears I had of being sat around the flat with nothing to do all day have been squashed quicker than a 1980s jobber staring at Ultimate Warrior.

I had a trip to Sheffield to go and visit Sophie and her flat. I somehow managed to persuade Sophie to get Twitter (you can follow her @Sophiem72) despite her insistence that I'm nothing more than a media whore thanks to Facebook, Twitter, a blog and ideas of starting a podcast. I might have a very rough version of that recorded next week, but we'll see how things go really. Highlights of the trip included getting lost at the train station and being unable to find Beth and her car, which was even more tricky since we had no means of contacting each other. We went and saw a band which was rather good, and they had a song about wanting to play in a lady garden.

I have no idea what that is. I imagine it's a place filled with women drinking tea, making Victoria sponge cake and playing croquet or something. *innocence*

Sophie talks in her sleep, which is awesome and provided me with hilarity through the night. I don't sleep that well anyway, and at Sophie's I was struggling to get more than two hours at a time before waking up and dozing off again. During one of those intervals though, she mumbled something which sounded completely incoherent to me (and seemingly her) before sitting up and proclaiming that what she'd said made no sense and she should shut up. Unsurprisingly, she's got no recollection of that. I used to talk in my sleep, but then again, I used to get up and walk around the house when I was asleep in my younger days too...

The weekend was very good...I went off to Hebden Bridge for the Handmade Parade which goes on each year. Surprised some Beatlifers with my appearance and got to play photographer for the day! Felt really strange being there but not playing to be honest, but it's always good to see how things sound from the other side. I took a load of photos and captured some video footage as well, all of which you can find on my Facebook page.

The weather was a bit suspicious in parts, but the rain held off and sunshine ultimately won the day and helped bring the crowds out. Again, maybe it's just me being on the other side and watching, but the parade seemed a bit bigger and better than in previous years. They've all been pretty good though, and that's why the Hebden Bridge parade is one of my favourite events of the year.

This coming weekend (18/19 June) is Africa Oye in Sefton Park, Liverpool. The organisers won the battle to keep this event free, and it's one of the biggest free festivals in the UK (if not Europe) so come on down, keep those fingers crossed for sunshine and enjoy some fabulous music. I'm coming home for this, so say hello if you get the chance!

Yesterday, I made the trip to Grassington for a workshop with Honeydrum ahead of a parade there on Friday evening. Grassington is about an hour away from Leeds up in the Dales, and it's a nice little town. The workshop was with maybe 40 children, and they seem nice, but children being children, they don't really have a great attention span. It was hard work, but I definitely learnt something about running a workshop with young children and how you need to be straight on it and just go. Like I say, I'm back up there tomorrow for this parade, and then I'll *hopefully* be getting a coach back to Liverpool which will mean I arrive back home at about 1am, so I can fall asleep in my own bed in the early hours of the morning. It's going to be tight, but fingers crossed I get back in time!!

I've finished my bread and jam (what a life of luxury) and my cup of tea, which is currently Earl Grey, so I shall call it a day there. I'll probably write something early next week (maybe Sunday if I'm up for it) about Oye and Grassington.

Keep smiling people.

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