Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I survived The Rapture, but is that really a good thing?

It's not quite the end of the weekend or Monday as I planned, but I've made it back here for another entry.

To be honest, this entry was very close to not happening tonight. As my title suggests, the internet seems to be falling apart with a variety of websites and pages not functioning properly. Obviously, websites go down and have difficulties all of the time, but it just seems to be happening a lot more frequently and to a lot more pages. Blogger (the site through which the blog page is hosted before being posted under the label) is being stupid. I think the system went through a bit of an upgrade the other day and there's a couple of bugs in this new system. Essentially, when I came onto the page, instead of directing me to my Dashboard, it was at a new log in page. So naturally, I enter my password and try to log in.

Nothing. A bit strange, but it didn't say the password was incorrect. So I try other passwords that I use, and they all show up as being incorrect. Reset the password, see if that works...again, nothing. So for the time being, it looked as though I was stuck at a new log-in page and was unable to log in.

I'm sure you've noticed that I managed to access the page since I'm writing right now. I found a lovely way in through the draft pages and got on to the site. Marvellous. So I can blog.

Then Twitter's started acting up as well. My complete timeline disappeared, leaving me with nothing. I can still tweet, and I can receive replies, but my timeline is empty. A look on Twitter's pages suggests that's another bug in the system that they're trying to fix.

So there's my...rather large ramble about the failings of the internet done. Onto brighter and better things! For example, I'm off home tomorrow which will be rather nice. I'm taking a couple of days there so won't be back in Leeds until Tuesday, but that's fine. Like I say, it gives me 5 days or so at home to chill out and maybe catch up with some friends since I think a fair few people are starting to make their way back from uni or are around anyway. There's also the Monaco GP which I'll be able to watch from home, and I might catch the Indy 500 on Sunday evening as well. Combined with two 1PW shows over the weekend (we'll see how they pan out as and when they arrive), it should be pretty cool.

I owe the postal service a gigantic apology too. I left my walking boots at home, and my mum kindly offered to post them up to me within a few days of coming back to Leeds. So I waited for them to show, and waited...and waited. It's been just over three weeks (I think) since the boots were posted, but it's only yesterday that I finally picked them up. We thought that someone had "borrowed" the boots or that they'd just got lost in the shuffle somewhere, and that's fine. These things happen. Turns out that they'd been sat in the site office, and I only found out because I got a "second ticket" about it yesterday. I'd love to know where that first ticket is...because I didn't see it.

So I apologise for doubting the postal service. I know you'll only go and screw up again at a later date and prove why I should doubt you to begin with, but for now you're in the good books.

One thing that has bugged me slightly is the end of the world talk that was going about last weekend. As we all know, some nutjob in the USA was claiming that on May 21st, God or Jesus (possibly ease the workload I guess) would come to Earth and save those who deserved to be saved, leaving the rest of us to face the end of humanity and complete Armageddon.

Read that last bit again...those who were still left on Earth would be facing the end of humanity and the complete destruction of all life as we know it. So even if The Rapture had occurred and people had been swept off their feet and saved, being left on Earth isn't a good thing. Well, it'd be a great party once we all realised we were doomed...but that's beside the point. So all of the Facebook groups and stuff about "surviving the end of the world" doesn't really ring true. Obviously, it seems that no one was saved and taken elsewhere on May 21st and the beginning of the end of humanity didn't commence, so I suspect we can all safely say that the guy was wrong. Or he got his dates mixed up and forgot to carry a 0 somewhere or something.

It's not been an incredibly positive blog entry, so I'll end on something nice. I'm working on trying to start up a new project. If it does take off (which I hope it does), at the very least it'll be something cool to keep me occupied for while and it'll go well with the blog. Hopefully, people would notice it as well. It's in the very beginning stages of its infancy and there's a way to go before we start, but I'm keeping optimistic about it.

Enjoy the rest of your week people and remember, all achievements require great time.

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