Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cricket, coffee, sunshine and sleep.

I'm back in Leeds, and things are pretty good so far. For some reason, I'm feeling ridiculously tired since I came back. I'm not completely sure what's causing it, but it's very strange...

I went to the cricket yesterday at Headingley, which was my first time at the ground. I have to admit, I'm very impressed with that place, it's a nice ground and it was great to see so many fans for a Yorkshire CB40 game. I imagine a combination of Bank Holiday Monday and glorious sunshine were definite contributors, and it's probably even more impressive since the game was broadcast on Sky Sports! Yorkshire lost the game though...and they lost rather convincingly. I may have confused a couple of Yorkshire men when I got annoyed at Lancashire losing their game as well, which took some explaining. They'll be even more confused when I appear at Yorks vs Lancs and cheer for the away team.

I would wonder whether sitting in the sun for about 6 hours is responsible for my feeling of tiredness, but I don't think so. I drank loads and I've bought some factor 50 suncream. That sun isn't getting me any time soon.

I thought I slept relatively well last night. I fell into bed at about 10:30 and was completely out of it, but I woke up a couple of times. Still, I was up bright and early for the 9am start at uni. I think "bright and early" sapped all of the energy from me. In the 4 hour gap from the end of Core seminar to PSP, I headed back to my flat to do some work. I worked, but I was also incredibly tired (as those who read my Twitter will know) and I had 5 or 6 cups of coffee in about a 90 minute span. Not too smart really, but it didn't make a blind bit of difference. I think I screwed my body up in that respect a few years ago.

But I slept from about 7-9pm, which really isn't that clever. But it's what I seem to do on a Tuesday...it'd almost be a break from tradition if I didn't. On the plus, I might watch UFC in a little bit. Or I'll go back to sleep. I suspect sleep will probably win...

Quick congratulations to AlicJa and Phen~* for the birth of their baby girl in the early hours of this morning. Pretty awesome.

Definitely thinking about heading back to bed now. Hit me with some comments if you've read this pease!

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