Friday, 20 May 2011

Summer is here, and it started to rain

Well, the writing of this blog can only mean one thing: I finished my exams and handed in the last of my essays. So I guess technically, I'm "free" and my summer starts. It's a crazily long summer though...I think I've got the best part of 4 months off until second year starts. I don't think I've ever had that long off. What on earth am I meant to do with myself for four months? Last year, after my A Levels, I had about a month less and that started to feel like an eternity.

Still, at least this time, I'll be doing some German work throughout the summer on the basis that I'll be returning to uni at the end of September rather than sitting around and waiting for results to come in and decide my future. Well, I guess it's the same to an extent. I still need to pass my modules to go on to next year. But I won't be waiting until mid-August for that...which is useful.

My actual exams weren't too bad. Two of the three German exams I had were recycled exam papers from a couple of years ago, and I think that the AGC questions were from last year (or at least, my one was). I guess that's pretty clever though, I wouldn't have assumed they'd give us last year's questions to do. Well played university. Well played.

It's a bit of a strange situation that I find myself in now though. While I've finished with my exams, pretty much everyone else I know has still got exams for another week or so. Which severely limits what I can do in terms of seeing people. At the moment, I think I'll hope for some nice weather and take the bike out along the canal and see how far I get. Worst (or best...I'm not sure) case scenario, there are milestones for Liverpool, and it's about 125 miles on the canal. There's no way I'll be doing that journey, but I could maybe say I've cycled that distance or something. I've also got a conga in my room which I've borrowed from Phen, so I'll be getting a bit of time on that and building up technique. I've only really played a couple of times so I'm not that strong at the moment, but hopefully we'll get there.

Catching up on sleep is one of my main aims for the next couple of days. My sleeping pattern has taken an absolute hammering in the last few weeks. I doubt it's due to exam stress or anything, as I try to not get stressed by exams, but I've definitely found myself getting much less sleep, whether it's been through taking ages to fall asleep or waking up numerous times during the night. I had a bit of a nap before and woke up with a headache, so that doesn't bode well. I'll probably grab a bit more sleep in a bit after dinner.

This weekend should be pretty cool. Tomorrow (Saturday 20th) I'm at Saltaire for the Day of Dance festival. The day starts at 9am or something, and workshops in various dance styles from across the world are running until 6.30pm. I'll be there with Honeydrum for the final session at 5pm doing a bit of drumming, and then we'll be in one of the rooms for the evening events playing some more grooves. It should be quite good though. I've not gigged since the end of March and we've only had one rehearsal on Wednesday, but it should be a fun little gig. I'm looking forward to it.

Looking ahead, I'm off home in just under a week. I'll be going Thursday-Tuesday (since Bank Holiday Monday tried to bump up the price of my return...sneaky!) and it'll be good to get home, play a bit of Xbox, see the family and relax. After that, there's the first T20 game of the season at Headingley on the 3rd which I've got my ticket for, as well as the Roses clash on the 17th. And maybe, in among that, I'll find some time to go back over to Sheffield and have that cup of tea I've been promised with Sophie and her flat.

Right, my head is starting to ache and I'm hungry, so I think the smart thing to do is end this entry here and go and find some dinner. Enjoy your weekend and I'll probably get another entry done at the end of the weekend or at some point on Monday.

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