Friday, 4 March 2011

Things are looking up...

Brief blog entry: I actually wrote this on February 13th, but never got round to posting it. I'll keep it short and as it was.

It's good to know that there's a readership out there. I've had some good discussion with people about this blog over the last few days, and I'm yet to hear anything negative about it...or at least, anything so negative that I've deemed it to be negative and thought about not blogging anymore.

Life has picked up in the last few weeks, and things are heading in a positive direction. It's strange...I remember when I put my last post up about 2 weeks ago, a friend (Sophie) commented that it seemed far too happy to have been me writing, which may well be true. Not that it wasn't me writing...that it was a bit too happy. Who knows though, I've found some good form at the moment and I'm enjoying the experience. Every now and again, you catch a good wave. I'm just riding that wave as far as I can and making the most of the time. Things might hit a brick wall very soon and I might have a really rough patch for a few months...but I might not. Who knows?

I think I'll have a good patch for the foreseeable future though. Everything is starting to look good and maybe life is turning a corner. I just have to wait and see what lies around the corner. Hopefully it'll be something good.

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