Monday, 28 March 2011

"A terminally good weekend"

A have to agree with the title, it really was a brilliant weekend. I went home, but unlike previous visits home where I'd just relax, see some friends and play on the Xbox until the small hours of the morning after going to the pub or something, I was incredibly busy. For those who don't know, I took a couple of people from Honeydrum to Liverpool for a weekend away and we did a bit of an exchange of material with Beatlife.

Those two and a half hours in Elm Hall were really good. I said it a few times while we were in there, and I stand by the comment of me saying "I'm home." That hall is where my life in drumming really started and where I learnt to play some Beatlife stuff. That evolved over the years until I had to move away and, through a fair bit of searching, I found Honeydrum and a place to continue my drumming. Those guys have pushed me further than I could have really imagined I would have been pushed in terms of music over the last 6 months. I'd like to think I've become a pretty good snare player, and I've gone from having not done any sort of singing to learning a load of sequences of songs and then in the last month or two, leading a sequence and now being able to play and sing at the same time. It's an absolutely incredible journey to have taken since late September, and I don't see the end of that road coming up any time soon.

Anyway, the session was really really good. We (HD1C) showed them a bit of what we do with some grooves and songs and then tried one or two of our rhythms. If I'm completely honest, it sounded AMAZING to hear the grooves being played with over 20 people. It's a really huge sound that we've not really been able to have with Honeydrum so far this year, but the group is growing and expanding all the who knows what the future holds!

Beatlife taught us a bit of Pirate Samba and Zebra Shuffle as well, and they're pretty tasty grooves. I'm looking forward to going back there over the April break and hopefully getting one or two sessions with them and having a play there. From feedback that people got at the end of the session, it was pretty much all positive (I certainly didn't hear anything negative) and I wouldn't be surprised if we do it again. Hopefully, we'll manage to book a full afternoon or a day to do it though so we can get plenty of stuff done and also be able to take our time.

We went into town on Saturday for a bit of nightlife and experiencing the culture of Liverpool by night. I'll be honest, I'd forgotten how crazy Liverpool absolutely, well and truly schools Leeds and puts it in its place. But wow, we saw plenty of colours and went to a couple of really nice pubs and a few clubs/bars as well. Great night indeed.

As is almost customary when I come home, I tried to eat my entire body weight in food...and I think I gave it a good go this weekend. My mum did a lot of baking, with a really awesome chocolate tart (which I'll be hopefully trying to make myself), pie, fruit buns, rice pudding and sticky toffee cake. Believe me when I say, I tried all of it and it was all very, VERY delicious.

I suspect my sleep pattern may have suffered a bit though. Thanks to also having the first Grand Prix of the season in Australia, I managed to watch the practice sessions on Thursday night/Friday morning, Qualifying on Saturday morning and the race on Sunday, I didn't catch much sleep. To prove this point, I worked it out last night...from Thursday morning when I woke up until Sunday night when I went to bed, I had just under 10 hours of sleep. That works out at about 75+ hours of being awake and not a lot of sleep. Needless to say, I slept really well last night and I'm hoping I sleep well enough tonight.

Just a week left to go at university now! It's going to be a very busy week though...I'll see you on the other side.

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