Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I like the sun, it makes me happy.

It's been a really good few days. Today was especially awesome. I woke up at 7.15 to the sounds of The Final Countdown playing through my pillow, which just equals win on so many levels. If that seems a really weird concept, my pillow has a speaker built into it so I can plug my iPod in at night and drift off to sleep to the soothing sounds of whichever podcast I'm listening to at that moment in time. The vast majority of the time, it's something from Deathsquad (Brian Redban) or maybe a bit of Dropkick Radio if I don't catch the live show.

Anyway, from then I had to do a presentation during my 9am seminar. If I'm honest, it was alright. Could have been much better, but for 9.30, it was pretty good. I'm not sure that my plan to talk to a class of predominantly females about cars and bore them to death, consequently getting a good mark, worked. We'll see. Of course, thanks to the strikes from some of the lecturers today, I was then free until 3pm. As luck would have it, 3pm was then the time of my second presentation. This was probably went a lot better since there was more preparation to it. Regardless, I've done both presentations that I needed to do and as a result, I now don't have anything to worry about regarding my German modules and presentations. This really is a good thing since I can now focus on the Spanish module and getting my poetry essay written.

Last Friday we had a pretty big gig at The Well in Leeds city centre. It was a really great gig, plenty of great energy to the place and the crowd seemed to really like our stuff. We may have slightly annoyed the guy in charge since Phen just gave up listening to his request that we finish since we hadn't finished going through our material. In some respects, our set is a bit like a journey that we invite people on and that we go on ourselves each time. On Friday it started with the African drumming and some singing, which is pretty relaxed and laid back. Then it moves onto the samba set with singing before we finish the singing and go to the really funky, really tasty funks and different grooves. If you cut us off part way through that, you lose out on some of the experience and there's a sort of feeling afterwards that it needed to go somewhere else to take it one level further.

This all leads us rather nicely to the weekend. It's the weekend I've been looking forward to for a while since I'm taking a couple of Honeydrum people to Liverpool to meet up with Beatlife and have a workshop with them. If all goes well, it should be a REALLY good weekend with some music and a chance to relax. Plus, I get to sleep in my own bed for two nights which is brilliant on so many levels. Oh, and of course...it's the first Grand Prix of the season. So I'll be quite possibly pulling an all-nighter on Saturday night if we go to town. Either that or it'll be just catching an hour or two of sleep before I listen to The Chain and get the shivers back down my spine.

I'm quite surprised since I was almost expecting myself to be asleep by now. It could just be that I'll go to sleep once I've finished writing this. I wouldn't be surprised if that's true to be honest. I'm pretty tired...and then no doubt I'll wake up in a few hours and can do some work. Fun fun fun!

Today really was a glorious day. It's been sunny for...pretty much the entire day and it felt a lot more like summer than spring. I have no idea what it reached on the thermometer today, but it probably felt a lot warmer than it was. Fingers crossed we get some more of the same tomorrow so I can relax and enjoy a bit more sun! I did get to catch a good amount of sun though...had some good conversation with different people which is always good.

I missed the sun...I realise just how happy it made me and everyone around me. It seems stupid, but the world really did seem a lot happier today. It was an awesome experience and hopefully we get more of the same.

Keep enjoying life people and stay safe. Just remember, life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

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