Friday, 11 March 2011

I really need to start thinking of some super-catchy titles related to the blog content...

It's been a funny week. To the best of my knowledge, I don't mean funny "haha" (though I'm hopefully going to be seeing some of the Leeds comedy festival that's going on this weekend in and around the university.

I mentioned last week that I was planning a road trip to Liverpool with some Honeydrummers. This is going ahead after we've booked the hall for the afternoon and things are starting to get in motion quite nicely. I was hit by the startling realisation of just how much work needs to be put into a trip like this. On reflection, (and thanks to my shocking memory) I really hope I was never ngative towards teachers in school who were organising trips and may have gotten a little stressed out. There's a lot of things to sort out...well, I say that. It could be a relatively small number of things, but because I'm completely inexperienced in this, it seems like a lot of work.

Work is something that's piling up as well. There's presentations galore and a couple of essays that are due in at various points in the coming weeks. It probably shouldn't be too bad though if I'm completely honest. I've got enough time to do everything and do it all to the top of my ability (whatever you may think of my ability). It gets a bit tasty when I throw in a lovely number of gigs in the coming weeks with Honeydrum. If all goes to plan with the weather, we're planning on doing a bit of playing in town on Sunday. So if you read this (and it seems quite a few people do now...which is awesome!), come and check us out if you're around Leeds city centre on Sunday. There's a fairly big event on the 18th at The Wells which I'm predicting will be an epic night. I'm not sure if there's a Facebook event, but check out The Wells' website and you'll find out some info about it. It'd be great to see plenty of people down there, and I'll start posting about it on Facebook every few days to try and get some friends down.

I've found myself sleeping a lot more recently. I'll be honest, the last time I think I've slept this much was in 2009 after I had my head injury and found myself taking every available opportunity to sleep because it made me feel a bit better and helped fight off the headaches for a while longer. To my knowledge (which as we've established is a bit messy at the best of times) I've not suffered a head injury in recent weeks. In fact, I'm pretty certain I haven't. So why am I sleeping a lot more?

Take Tuesday for example. It's my busiest day, and I'm fully aware of that so I try and get to bed on a Monday night by midnight at the latest. A lot of the time, I manage this. I'd also had an hour of sleep on Monday afternoon after uni, so I wasn't exhausted. I woke up on Tuesday on my alarm (which is always useful) and got on with my day. A coffee in the afternoon, some food and a peppermint tea...pretty normal. Yet I came back to my flat and, while people in my flat were getting ready to go out, I decided to do some interwebbing. I fell asleep. Not a quick 15 minutes though...I was completely out of it until about 11pm, just after they'd gone out. I was in the mood for going out, so that's a bit the end though, I made myself a bowl of porridge, watched the 2002 Italian GP and went back to sleep at about half 12.

To basically make that entire paragraph redundant (apart from telling a nice story), I find myself able to sleep at any point during the day for up to about 2 hours. Yet I'm still going to bed at roughly the same time as I have been. To me at least, that's rather strange.

Exam timetables are up now, so I've been able to view that. It made for interesting reading. I have one hectic week with four exams in it, but by that Thursday evening, I've finished all of my exams. Since that Thursday is May 19th, it gives me about a month and a half before the accommodation contract in my flat expires. I plan on spending large parts of it here since I've paid for it. It should be an interesting few weeks. I've got some ideas on things I can do to keep busy and start learning some new/different things, we'll see how, if and when they come to fruition.

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