Friday, 4 March 2011

Sometimes being open can leave you feeling more closed than before

So technically, this is two blog entries in two days...but in a convoluted world, it's not. As you know (if you read this regularly) then last night's post was written a few weeks ago. This post though, is being written now. It's Friday March 4th, it's about 2.30 so I've handed in my essay and I'm listening to Joe Rogan. Life is pretty good.

It's been a very strange 24 hours. It really has...if I may, let's rewind back 24 hours or so.

I did a load of Spanish work, and it's something I'm quite proud of. That may well sound ridiculously weird, but for....well, perhaps the first time this semester definitely, I put a lot of effort in. I went and found a load of worksheets and went through them, did a bundle of listening and I felt like I'd achieved something regarding my Spanish education. It was good, and then I went into the tutorial in the mood to continue the learning process and had a fairly productive session where I got more from it than I have in the past. To be brutally honest, fucking awesome.

It turns out Morrisons does sell coconut water. This little piece of news has quite possibly made my week and means that I'll be a much jollier person in the long run. For 40p a can, it's a pretty decent product. Obviously, if I wanted the top notch product, I'd end up paying anything up to (and possibly over) £1 per can, so if I can pick up two cans for that, I'm much happier. Maybe as a treat every now and then, I'll splash out. Who knows.

The Honeydrum AGM was last night (03/03) and was pretty productive. Some great conversation and ideas coming from it, and I was voted in as Treasurer/Vice-President for the forthcoming year. That's pretty cool. The trip to Liverpool is getting geared up too. I'm waiting back on some phone calls, but we're looking good for it. I can't wait. It really should be a very good weekend of music and being able to relax at home and whatnot.

So then we hit the slightly crazy. I got a message on Facebook from Sophie asking if I was free to go on Skype. To be brutally honest, I wasn't. I had an assignment to put some finishing touches to which was due in today and I quite fancied an early-ish night after a couple of draining days. But no, I decided that I like the Skype conversations with Sophie and we could chat for half an hour or so before she goes to bed and I can work and then go not long after. It didn't quite go like that though...we were talking for 4 hours. That's right. FOUR hours. It was about half 2 by the time we got off Skype, and I think we both drained each other of a lot of emotion and conversation. I'll be honest, I woke up this morning with a bit of a tender voice after speaking for so long.

We talked and talked for so long and we covered so many topics. Seriously, we went from the comic, light-hearted highs of joking about life and uni and bizarre things to planning future trips to Sheffield/Leeds to see each other to the unknown, muddy waters of emotional conversation. There were a couple of tears from her end as well. Not sure why, we'll put it down to the lateness, but we were on some really personal and intimate themes. It sounds so ridiculously soppy and...I don't know, it's a bit strange. There are times in life when you need to hear certain things. You might say them yourself as advice, but you need to have them told to you once in a while for you to really understand what's happening in the world.

Everything you want in life is right there in front of you. All you have to do is see the wood for the trees, reach out and take it. Once you've taken it, enjoy it while it lasts. Nothing lasts forever...that's the point of life. It's a finite thing. But while you've got something, whether it's something like a really good sandwich or great conversation or even love and being in the company of someone you're really close's important to enjoy every single moment that you can while you can. Otherwise, you get to the end of your time and you realise you made an error. You've not made the most of what you had...and you'll regret it.

Think about might make sense. It could be the incoherent rambling of one close friend to another at 2am. I hope it's the former.

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