Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sometimes, it's the simple things that mean the most.

I sit down to write this feeling rather awake and refreshed, though my head is still throbbing. I don't like Tuesdays really...they just go on and on and my head hasn't enjoyed this Tuesday. It's annoying really, since I got to bed at a rather sensible time last night and got plenty of sleep and woke up to the thought that it wouldn't be a drastic day. However, since around midday, my head has felt like every single German word I've ever learnt has been trying to explode and escape. I guess sometimes, Tuesdays can just be a bit of a Germanic overload...

That's alright though, because I've had my birthday now. By the laws of logic, this means that I'm probably a little bit wiser, a little bit more mature and a whole lot more awesome. Thankfully, only the latter is correct. I highly doubt I gained much intelligence by adding another year to my tally, I certainly don't feel any more mature, and I wouldn't want to either. As I've stated many times, the day I feel mature and that I should grow up is the day that I give up on life.

I imagine now is a pretty logical time to write about my weekend...it was a pretty funky weekend to be honest. Admittedly, the Friday journey didn't go so well since my train ticket to get me from Leeds to home failed in epic fashion, so I had to pay another £16 to get a new ticket. Douchebags. That's the same price I paid for a return ticket originally, robbing little...

Once I got back though, it was rather epic. My birthday was effectively spread out over Friday and Saturday since I got presents when I got home, and then I had friends round on Saturday. Clearly, this is good...and made the weekend far better than my actual birthday, though that will come towards the end of this entry.

As you know by now, I got the rather amazing caricature drawing of me as a Red Bull Racing driver which was done by Steve from Mum's school. Huge thanks for that, since it really is awesome. Hopefully, this link works, but if not...then it's my Facebook profile picture, you can't miss it!

72243_10150296138010624_583305623_15744173_5571508_n.jpg (517�629)

I also got a bunch of other cool stuff like the new Jericho DVD (which should be epic), a new hat, the new Smackdown game and grapes. Grapes, for those who aren't aware, is a present based around the love of this particular food by Matt Hardy. Check his videos on Youtube, they're unintentionally funny and brilliant stuff..

Saturday was a cool day since I got to see Cheryl, Joseph and Maisie. And oh, how much Joseph has grown in the last 6 weeks! The dude's huge now! He's what, 6 months old? I'll be honest, it's pretty cool seeing him when I come home, and I think he probably likes me more than Maisie does, or at least did at the same stage. Hopefully, Maisie's decided she likes me a bit more now...she at least speaks to me now, and that's progress from last year. After some Xbox playing, I had people over. We played games, we ate food and we just chatted the usual crap that we do on one of those nights. I've missed those evenings...they're awesome!

Mum made her chocolate cake, which should really be world famous, or at least famous to the continent of Europe and all chocolate cake fans. Combined with more ribs than you can shake a stick at, it was a food-heaven day (and Sunday, since leftovers were my best friend).

Then Sunday came, and I saw KP and Smoo! Again, I've not seen those guys for a few weeks, so it was awesome to see them both and catch up for an hour or so about life. I don't know man, for an hour or so, it didn't feel like we'd been away for a month and a half. It was just like the days of school and just wasting time doing nothing of great significance, but enjoying wasting that time. Pretty cool stuff.

Just before I left to head back up to Leeds, I did the Lantern Carnival with Beatlife. Oh, this felt good to be playing with the full band again. And of course, I saw the ever-wonderful Harley and the magnificant Matthew. Awesome dudes. It was good to play some new rhythms as well, and I think I got away with not doing a single rehearsal with them (admittedly, getting to Liverpool on a Tuesday evening isn't possible), but with the tunes being on the website, I gave them a listening and think I pulled it off. Chris said he might be up in this part of the world soon, so hopefully I'll catch up with him then.

My actual birthday was pretty average to be honest for a Monday. A couple of hours at uni, coming back to the flat and working for another few hours until I've finished my work and then drumming. I guess the differences were that I bought a sandwich for my lunch from Bakery 164. Damn, that food is like crack...addictive stuff and for what it is, rather reasonably priced. I'll be honest, I'm still a fan of the sandwich from Tesco that involves brown bread, ham, cheese, lettuce and pickle for £2. That's a damn fine sandwich, and it's mayonnaise free...which means it's Tom-friendly. Win! As well as the Bakery 164 sandwich, I treated myself to a "nap" for two hours in the afternoon once I'd finished my work. There is no greater feeling than going to bed at 3pm and waking up at 5pm, having some DELICIOUS crumble that I brought back with me from home (more excellent home cooking right there!) and then going to do a few hours of drumming.

Bizarrely, I'm feeling tired once again. I imagine this could be a sign that I'm ill or something, but I'm past the point of really caring too much about that. Instead, I'll just go back to bed, finish listening to the podcast I've got on and wake up tomorrow for the start of a new day.

I usually stick a quote on the end, and since I'm listening to his podcast at the moment, I'll stick on one of Joe Rogan's from an old blog entry of his:
Life can be really fucking beautiful, but man is it a tricky thing to manage.

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