Thursday, 11 November 2010

Reading Week and not a book to be seen

Reading Week is very nearly over, and I'll be completely honest...I've not done too much reading. Then again, I've not really done a lot of the things that I planned to do. The original plan was to sit in bed and sleep for long periods of time, watch my Tagged Classic DVD (No Way Out/Backlash 2000), Survivor Series 2002 and the long awaited Chris Jericho boxset and then maybe do a little bit of work to celebrate my laziness.

However, it is now Thursday night. I've not even looked at a wrestling DVD and thought "I'll watch that". Instead, it's been a case of gazing at them and dreaming of having time to be able to watch them in peace and without a million other things to do. Saying that, this week has been a brilliant week...strange how that coincides with not having to go to Uni and work!!

On Sunday, I made a bold decision and something that I don't often do, which is to not watch a Grand Prix live. Obviously, this is partially down to not having a TV License and the licensing people being all over our backs and saying they're going to come and visit us. We don't have a TV, they can't get us that way, but I have watched some GP stuff live because it's just much better than watching it on iPlayer. BUT...this was also motivated by the fact that I was already going to be up and around at this time since I ended up going to university at 10am for library opening time in order to copy some papers for an essay I needed to write (and still need to).

Why didn't I watch the race live then? I went on a walk with some Honeydrummers. It was a glorious day, the sun was shining and creating that sort of really funky autumn atmosphere that is so amazing. We went along the Meanwood Valley Trail, and it really was a glorious walk. If you've seen my Facebook page, I took some photos of the views and bits of nature, and I'll be honest, I think they're pretty good photos.

I had no idea this sort of thing was in Leeds, and it really is in Leeds. Just a short walk from the university, and if you follow the trail for the entire 7 miles, you can end up in the Dales and in the middle of nowhere. I may well have to give that a go at some point!!!

If you haven't, go and have a look at those photos though. There are some really good shots, and there's an amazing array of colours thanks to the cycle of life.

Monday night was drumming night, and instead of the usual session at Wrangthorn, we did a gig for RAG as part of their fundraising week. They had a bunch of people walking over hot coals, which is a pretty impressive thing really. Slightly spoiled by the rain which apparently took some of the heat from the coals, but it's still a brilliant thing to do. When we played, we really got the crowd going. It seems Honeydrum always gets a great atmosphere going with a combination of singing, dancing and drumming. You really know you're doing something worthwhile when you can play with a big smile on your face, look up and see loads of people dancing along to the beats and enjoying it themselves.

As proof of how warm it was in that building though, when we arrived, I was completely soaked and had very wet hair. By the time we finished, my hair was completely dry.

Tuesday was where the week highlighted, and I went to the Steel City to see another part of the world and catch up with the ever-delightful Molly Toal and the equally-awesome Sophie Moore. Sheffield is a really nice place actually from the little bits that I saw. It certainly seems different to Leeds! But the union was really nice (and they had some cracking food!), and I'll be honest, their flats are MUCH nicer than the one I'm in. I wonder how difficult it would be to commute each day. :P

Molly and I did some wandering while Smoo got a bit closer to being a medic, and it was a really good wander. We ended up in a museum where we were able to fool around a little bit and see some really cool things. They had dressing up as well, so that's also awesome! I put on a carrot costume, we were both Anglo-Saxons, Molly found her true profession as a Victorian maid and we dressed like Inuit people. I tell you, the Inuit clothing was ridiculously comfortable and warm...I definitely want one of those jumpers!

After watching Father Ted (Escape to Victory) A delightful walk to buy fast food for dinner was part of the evening, and then we had a couple of drinks in some pubs/bars around the area, before getting back to Molly's flat and watching some more Father Ted (Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse) before collapsing on the rather comfortable sofa and having some well earned sleep.

In the morning, we went to the union for Molly's morning lecture and had breakfast in a cafe in the union (why don't we have that in Leeds?!). While Molly was gone, Smoo and myself had some typical conversation where we end up getting a bit mopey and depressive...that always happens whenever we end up together and talking. Brilliant. :P

It was a fantastic trip, and I really did realise how much I've missed those two over the last two months. They are pretty much the best friends I have in the world, and I hope I rank pretty high for them too. Hopefully they'll get to Leeds at some point in the near future, though it seems that this might not be until next year since Sophie's timetable is a bit mental! If they'll have me returning, I'll definitely head back to Sheffield at some point to see them's a rather delightful place!

So this rather brings us to I've now done one of my essays. For something that was only 250 words long, it certainly look me a while to do! Bit ridiculous really, but at least it's out of the way. I've got another one to write at some point over the weekend, and then hopefully that should be it.

I'm back to Liverpool tomorrow (Friday). It seems it may well be a bit of a crazy weekend though, I've got a mental Saturday ahead of me where I'll be in Manchester doing rehearsals for the diploma, but hopefully I'll get some time to play some Xbox, see friends and then catch up on sleep!

I'll probably be back some time next week with my next blog entry, stay safe people!

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