Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Can't I just protest from my bed?

If I were a good student...actually, scrap that. It's not quite correct to say that. I am a good student, I get my work done and hand in assignments and essays on time, and on work that I've had returned to me, I've not done too badly. So we won't suggest I'm not a "good" student. I am. Try again...

If I were a more stereotypical know, again this is probably true to an extent. I'm not getting anywhere with this. I'll cut to the chase. Currently, there are plenty of student protests going on around the country to go with Cameron and Clegg (I might call them Los Conquistadores because it's amusing). Anyway, I won't try and tell you what Los Conquistadores want to do with students and tuition fees, you should really know about that. It's all over the news. Have a look, just make sure you come back and finish the blog.

There was the option and possibility for me to go and join in with the demonstration/walkout/protest. BUT...I woke up this morning to find that my room was very cold and my bed was very warm. It's a foolish man who leaves the warmth and comfort of his own bed to be in a cold room, wander through the city and be outside. Alternatively, I could stay in my flat, drink some coffee and write a blog entry and then do some music. It's really not much of a competition for me today...

AMAZING NEWS! I've been interrupted by Rachel. Complete change of stance on this entry now. It'll at least make her happy and keep her quiet for a while. She's always complaining that she doesn't get a mention on the blog. Well here you go Rachel!!! This shortened entry will now consist of you because you said you wanted to go and make some rice pudding.

Apparently, I need to be there as well while she does this. Strange.

The Ashes start tonight, so I'll be awake for that, or at least until I get ridiculously tired and need sleep. I might turn into something of an Ashes Zombie over the next few weeks, which could be interesting to say the least. I may write another entry and complete what I was on about later tonight.

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Stay safe!

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