Thursday, 28 October 2010

A week in the life and Sambarrrrr!!

It's currently Thursday afternoon, which means that tomorrow is Friday. This means that the weekend is nearly upon us, and this can only be a good thing. I'm off home tomorrow, which shall be very awesome. For those of you who don't know (and shame on you!) I reach another year milestone in the journey of life on Monday. Admittedly, this milestone isn't as big as the one for being 18, and like most prime numbers, it often finds itself being forgotten about on a regular basis. I shall be 19, and start the last year of teenage life.

As it's Thursday, I'm currently inbetween doing Spanish homework since I have that one glorious hour a week when I don't have a funking clue what's happening. To be quite honest, I'll probably only need Spanish to be able to throw a basic insult at Fernando Alonso for being a whiney little dweeb. Of course, he would then hurl far more complex insults at me which I wouldn't understand, so I could just imagine in my head he's actually just suggesting that I'm correct and that he needs to grow up and learn to accept that if someone is ahead of you, they were clearly faster than you at some point during the race. You idiot.

That brings me nicely to the past weekend. I really didn't get much sleep over that weekend, and I suspect that leads to the underlying problems I've endured this week. I really don't remember too much about Friday night apart from the fact that I decided it would be clever to start writing my Goodbye, Lenin essay before deciding that watching UFC 120 was a better idea and did that instead. By the time I'd finished watching that, it was around 2am (and I did skip a few fights that I'll probably go back and watch at a later date. But since it was 2am, and I'd seen this on the UKFF (it was also mentioned on Dropkick Radio, but I didn't manage to catch the show live since I was....oh, I remember, I'll get back to that. I was gigging.)...where were we?

Oh, yes, 2am on Saturday morning. The very first Dragon Gate USA show Enter the Dragon was being shown on GoFightLive for free to promote and hype the fact that they've got a live iPPV this Friday night. Absolute belter of a show, though I did get to a point where I was flicking between that and FP3 from Korea.

Backtracking ever-so-slightly, we now go back to this time last week. As part of Honeydrum, we did three short performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening at the union as part of the Backstage Society's performance fundraising event. Very good shows each night, and I think we got progressively better each night so things are looking good. I'm more confident with the grooves for each rhythm, and I think I know most of the breaks now. Clearly, this is all good news and hopefully I'll get through a gig in the near future without going "Oh, shit...I messed that entry" or "I shouldn't have played that break...I didn't know it properly and looked like a dick."

Then on Saturday after the final gig, we ended up at a house party in Headingley which was so awesome. It was a very good night, and to be honest, we were the greatest thing there. ;)
Honestly though, Phen brought some drums with him and had the congas set up when we arrived. We just played and jammed with some people for a couple of hours and it was a ridiculous amount of fun. My hands were VERY sore when I got home though...they're not quite used to such an intense level of playing for that long!

The Grand Prix was a bit of a mad one! The rain delay was a bit mental, though I completely see why they'd done that. It was also rather useful for me. Somehow, I managed to sneak in a quick nap and woke up just as the restart was being announced as a five minute warning. Just enough time to make a coffee obviously!! But it did mean that I didn't really get to sleep properly until about 10am on Sunday morning, and I was up and about less than two hours later. Clearly, my weekend wasn't sleep-filled.

I've made up for it since then though. I guess that's the good thing about the later-stages of my week. Wednesday off means I can sleep late (or as the case was yesterday, I can sleep most of the afternoon. Greatest two hours of sleep on a Wednesday afternoon I've had in a while. Probably wouldn't have happened if hadn't have had to go up to uni just to give in a piece of work.

This weekend is going to be rather funky. From the sounds of it, there will be chocolate cake, ribs, friends, Xbox games, great times and even more drumming~! Is that possible?! Clearly, I can find a way to squeeze more drumming into my life. At the moment, I'm putting in about 6 hours a week of drumming, and then whenever we have a gig, it's a couple more. So Sunday evening is the Lantern Carnival/Parade in Sefton Park for Halloween, which has been one of my favourite Beatlife gigs to do because there are some brilliant designs and ideas each year. I'm looking forward to that, even though I have got to learn Pirate Sambarrrr and Zebra Shuffle using the sound recordings and words! I tell you something though, I reckon I'll have it.

For those of you who I shall see very soon, I look forward to it. If I don't, why not? Either way, stay safe and enjoy your lives.

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