Thursday, 14 October 2010

A weekend of games, gigs and fire alarms

It's been a bit of an awesome week, and things are only about to get better. Well, they'll be better as of about 24 hours from now. I'm coming home baby! And what a weekend I've got waiting for me...two Beatlife gigs ( in Manchester and Sefton Park and Fozzy ( on Saturday night. In between all of this, I've got to find time to catch up with family, try and see some friends and also waste large portions of my time playing video games. Since I've been gone, we've had a pretty decent influx of games into the house. Emma got the new Guitar Hero game, and we were always going to be spending a bit of time jamming away on that upon my return. I'm looking forward to that, it should be a bit of a step forward and improvement after the previous instalment of the GH Series was something of a let down. This one looks like a huge return to form though, and there are some seriously epic tracks on there.

As well as that, Andrew bought F1 2010. Since Codemasters announced they were releasing an F1 game for this season, I've been excited for it. I got the "warm-up" game for the Wii last Christmas, and even though it wasn't that impressive when it comes to the AI, it was still pretty cool to be able to play an F1 game for the first time in years. The graphics were pretty good, it had the 2009 drivers, teams and tracks, and it was almost a signal of intent for what they'd be producing for this year.

Now the game has been released to the world, I can't wait. I've heard things about there being really ridiculous bugs on the game with things like pitstops ruining races and ghost cars overtaking you in the pits. I don't care though. The graphics looked awesome, the gameplay is meant to be rather slick (if a bit slippery at first) and the AI is much improved. This is something I want from my F1 games. I don't want to turn it on, put it onto the hardest setting and be able to win straight away. I want to be in the midfield scrapping for a point or two if I'm lucky and eventually improve with the game until I can do well.

For example, Andrew was telling me he's just won the world championship with Lotus. That's not really very realistic. If he were to put it up a difficulty level, I can almost guarantee that wouldn't happen. I imagine I'll put it straight on the hardest setting and play away.

He's also bought the WRC game, which should be epic. I think the last rally game I played was a Colin McRae game a few years ago. Again though, that looks amazing. He's also bought a wheel for these driving games to add a bit more realism, which I'm looking forward to.

Essentially, this weekend should be one of gaming awesomeness. =)

Last Friday, I had my first gig with Honeydrum at the Raise the Roof event at the West Indian Centre. I spent the first part of the gig playing cameraman, but that was so much fun. I got to stand back, listen to the music, watch the dancers and take everything in. It was really interesting actually, and I could see which parts of the group weren't as tight as they could be, and I was able to share this feedback with Phen after we'd finished playing, and he agreed with most of it.

Oh, there was a fair amount of drugs going on there though. Even just walking out of the toilet and being asked if I "want any gear". thanks, I'm good. Honestly, I won't change my mind just because you've asked if I'm completely sure. Even going outside to sort something out, I get asked if I want to share a joint with someone. Again...I'm alright, don't need that. One of the acts had a rapper/singer who was as high as a kite and didn't care about telling the world about it.

I don't really care about that was an epic night and I had such a good time. It really helped to have a couple of mates tagging along as well. And of course, I love nights out where I don't have to pay admission because I'm one of the acts. Aah, the joy of being a musician!

I'm now becoming rather familiar with the fire alarm in my building too. Last week, we had it go off rather early in the morning. Obviously, I see the logic of this. Everyone (well, theoretically) will be in their flat at stupid o'clock in the morning and they'll be asleep. So if they wake us all up at the same time, we can hear the fire alarm and everyone knows what it sounds like. As I say, logical decision. I just wish it didn't happen so early. I suspect I'm not entitled to complain too much though, as I did just get back into bed and managed to catch another half an hour of sleep.

Then the fire alarm decided it would wake me up earlier this week. I don't remember the day, but that's probably because my brain has turned into a bit of a mess recently. Seriously, it's a little bit worrying, but I'll live. Well, that's the plan. As long as I wake up each morning and keep ticking along, I won't worry about the fact that I'm struggling to piece together each day. Just imagine how messed up my mind would be if I had alcohol in there though...I'd probably have frazzled out by now.

Again though, this fire alarm was just a test run to make sure it was working properly. Now, call me stupid, but wasn't the fire alarm a few days ago a good way of testing that the fire alarm works?

So why do they need to test it again?

Of course, this brings us to today. Some of you may have seen my Facebook status about this. It seems that the fire alarm was set off as a result of steam from someone's shower. I do remember us being told that the fire alarms were smoke detectors, not heat detectors. So this really makes me wonder...just how fucked up are things here? These things continue to baffle me and confuse my sorry mind even further.

Regardless, it's time for me to go and continue my education. My hour of Spanish on a Thursday is approaching. I've then got to work like an idiot tonight (though this might mean I get to listen to Dropkick Radio tonight live) so I can get my work done before I head off home tomorrow afternoon. I don't want to have to spend my time working over the weekend, mainly because I don't think I'll have time to do any work!!

Anyone who has never made mistake has never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein

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