Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Getting the band back together

Before I get into my actual blog entry, I was asked to mentioned Rachel. There...on we go!

What a bizarre weekend that was. I'll admit that I loved being home, and even though Vicky commented on Sunday that she'd missed Leeds a bit while she was back home, I didn't really. I'd guess that was just because my weekend was so full of stuff that I really didn't have that much time to sit back and think about Leeds. My mind was always moving onto the next thing on the list of stuff to do, whether it was getting to another Beatlife gig, getting to Fozzy or just playing video games with Emma and Andrew. I guess I'll probably get that feeling when I'm home next weekend since it *should* be a much more laid-back weekend where I can actually relax and chill. Then again, I'll have some work to do that weekend which'll be due in the following week.

I've learnt my lesson to not take my big bag to uni. It was a bit of a painful experience to carry the bag, which was, I thought, rather full (though coming back laughed in the face of Friday). From now on, I'll just get a slightly later coach and come back to the flat to get my bag. Then again, I could probably make the journey and be back at the station for half 1. Maybe I'd be pushing it a bit...I won't take the risk.

Anyway, here is where the fun begins. My lovely new phone, which I had been rather enjoying over the previous week and going slightly app-crazy with, decided to take up a new owner. I work on the basis of it was stolen, since I checked where I had been sitting, the floor around it and also the area outside near the coach and the very small journey I had taken before realising I was phoneless. Thankfully, the battery was nearly dead on the phone. Take that thief!

So I then had to spend my initial time at home calling the phone company to get the sim card and phone blocked, and then calling the police to report it. Oh, how fun! Jumping forward a bit, the joy of the insurance company kicked in when I found out the details hadn't been forwarded by T-Mobile yet, so I wasn't on the system. This leaves me waiting for the next week to hear back from the company on whether my claim is successful. As things stand right now, I have a replacement sim card, but no phone to use it with. ¬_¬

Beatlife...oh, how amazing it was to get the band back together. Obviously, they've all been together and doing the regular Tuesday nights and whatnot, but it was so awesome to get to play with them again. I mean, Al said that it was awesome to see me again and to play and it really was. The gig in Manchester was pretty darn funky, and the one on Sunday was surrounded by food, VERY strong coffee (though that could have been due to immense tiredness) and face painting. What more could you want from a Sunday in Sefton?

Hopefully, I'll be playing with them again for the Lantern Parade on Halloween night. It's a very funky gig, and if I can make it/they'll let me play, it'll be a very fun way to spend a late October evening!

Fozzy provided one of the most awesome gigs I've been to. Admittedly, I've not been to loads of gigs, but this was definitely better than some others. If I'm honest, the first two support acts weren't anything special with their brand of screamo-type rock. They could have both done the same song for 20 minutes and I wouldn't have noticed the difference really.

Thankfully, I thought the third act was a bit better. Though this could have been helped by the rather attractive lady singer. After them though, it was time for Fozzy! I wouldn't be surprised if a rather significant portion of the crowd was there just to see Jericho. Admittedly, I started listening to Fozzy because of Y2J, but they've put out some good music over the years.

Jericho just proved he can still work a crowd, even a rather small one (especially compared to the sizes he usually works with!). We were pretty electric when they got on stage, and the entire band did a good job of getting us hyped up. Rich kicked ass on guitar, and Sean was providing some funky basslines. Good stuff all round!

I did get time to play F1 2010 for a bit over the weekend, and I can confirm that it is rather funky. It took a little bit of time to get used to the steering, and I think I need to tweak the AI settings to be a bit more realistic, but I'm digging it so far. Hopefully I can sneak some more time on it next weekend!

Stay safe, take care of yourselves and I'll be back...probably over the weekend if anything interesting happens!

Life is too important to be taken seriously.

Oscar Wilde

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