Saturday, 25 February 2012

One on the road

As I write this, I'm writing on my phone while sat in Preston train station. Why am I doing this? Well, I'm a bit insane. I was at PCW tonight (Friday 24th) and since I've got a Theatre Day at Leeds Uni tomorrow morning, I couldn't go home. And since there are no trains to Leeds, I'm stranded. It's certainly an experience. There are no people apart from staff and some guys doing repair work. Just me on a bench listening to podcasts. I've got a train at about 3.50 to Manchester, then one to Leeds. If all goes to plan, I can be home by 7am...and then sleep for 2 hours before Theatre. Yaaaaaay!

Anyway, I've had a few very good days. I sent my application off to adrivo Sportpresse for my year abroad on Wednesday afternoon...and within about an hour and a half, I had an interview sorted for Thursday. So even from that, I was pleased to have an interview...that could have been enough for me.

The interview went really well though. They were really impressed with my CV/cover letter and I think seem very keen to take me for a placement. Already, that's fantastic enough for me. But I've got some translations to do with some potential to do a bit of part-time work with them before starting a placement in summer.

Oh, there's a train. Freight train. A lot of empty hollowed carriages attached though. Aaaaand it's gone again. Back to the silence.

Cricket took an improvement too during the week. I think I've finally cracked the problem with my bowling which is useful. It's all about the run up, or so it seems. I was much better than last week, and the accuracy seems to be getting there. I picked up a few wickets. Yay! Still plenty of work needed with the bat though.

So all in all, things have been good. Theatre might destroy me during the day. We'll see. I won't be getting much sleep. I'm not sleeping in the station, but I'll (hopefully) get a bit on the train.

That's all from me. My hand's gone numb from cold. I assume I'll be posting this. I can't see why not.

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