Sunday, 5 February 2012

Catching up and looking forward

It's been a while since I last wrote a proper blog entry...and since we're now into the second month of the year, I figured it was about time I change that and write something down on here. Maybe it's just me, but it seems crazy that we're already one month into the year and staring down the barrels of February and the joys that it brings. So far, it's cold weather and snow...but that suits me.

Maybe what freaks me out the most is the fact that with each passing week and month, it means that I'm getting gradually closer to heading out into the big wide world of Europe (well, German speaking Europe) for the year abroad. That's a little bit scary, but it's a great type of scary and I'm really looking forward to it. I mean, I've got nothing against the UK or life here at the moment...but I can't help but think that there's something missing from my life at the moment. And taking a year to go away, spend that time in a different country, work and meet some new people might help to give me the kick up the arse I need.

There's an action in life that we're afraid to take. We have to find that action and take it. It's something that came from a podcast I was listening to the other day which, in among all of the amusing discussion and weird conversation, was something that I thought was pretty deep and meaningful. So here's the link to that video, it's a couple of minutes long and it's audio based...I do recommend it as a listen, and then you can always continue reading while you listen!

Life isn't a disaster though. There are some good things going on and the next few weeks are shaping up to be pretty fun. Even then, it's crazy to think that our Easter break is about 6 weeks away. SIX weeks...that's nothing. But in that time, there's so much stuff going on. We've got the German Theatre Project going on at uni which I'm now starting to appreciate and fully get into. I'll admit to being quite sceptical at first since I'm not an actor in any way, shape or form...but now we've got the final edited version of the script and are fully into practice for it, things are going well and I'm starting to actually enjoy it more than I thought I would.

Admittedly, I was asking myself why I'd offered to be involved if my excitement levels for it were barely registering, but now I see why. It's a good laugh, I'm getting a chance to improve my German (at least, in theory I am), and it'll be an excuse to dress up and pretend I'm a late 19th Century man.

There are a few gigs and shows that I've got coming up as well. After a tip off from my sister a few weeks ago, I'm off to see Alestorm in just under two weeks at The Well. I quite like that venue, and the last time I was there was for Fozzy in November, so it'll be fun to get back there and see some live music. The weekend after that, I'm headed to Preston for PCW's Blood, Sweat and Tears show. Once again, that'll be an awesome show. PCW are probably one of the fastest growing wrestling companies in the UK and they've put on some ridiculously good shows so far. As things stand, I see no reason why the show at the end of the month should be any different. Plus it's a chance to hang out with Crawley and Andrew for the night and watch anarchy unfold. The actual venue that's used is a nightclub...and it really works for me.

I'm hoping to get away during the Easter break as well. It may may not. We'll have to wait and see what happens regarding that and where things stand, but it'd definitely be fun. If it doesn't happen, then it should give me more leeway for getting over to Germany in summer for the Grand Prix. I figured that if I want to go to a race, I may as well combine it with spending some time abroad and see some more of Germany. Andrew wants to come with me which will be interesting since his German is near-minimal. I'm not sure how much English is spoken in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, but I suspect it isn't a great amount!

I'll end it with some cricket talk. It's getting closer to cricket season again which is great news for me. I had a first nets session last weekend with Foy which was pretty productive. It felt good to get back into bowling for the first time since last summer, and having a first REAL chance at batting properly was good. I got some good tips and suggestions to help me out, and they'll give me something to build on for future weeks. With a bit of luck, I'll get a few games this season. I might make some runs and if we're really struggling, I might get a chance to bowl and get knocked around the park a bit. I'm going to be continuing pre-season nets in Leeds with a team up here too since I can't be home every weekend. So I have to thank Yorkshire Cricket Club's Twitter feed (@Yorkshireccc) for helping me find a team who will let me come to nets to keep working on the bowling and batting, and maybe even get in some fielding work so I can be sharp for that. The great news about this is that the team have their indoor nets at Yorkshire Cricket School which is just over the road from me, and these are the same nets that many an international star has used. That's a great opportunity, and this team looks REALLY good so I might learn a thing or two!!

Until next time, take care!

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