Monday, 20 September 2010

It's just the way life goes...

So I've made the big move up to Leeds. Is it up? I'm never really sure...I assume it's more "across" than up really. Not that it matters to be perfectly honest, unless I was on a boat and needed coordinates and stuff. I'm not though, so it's all gravy. The move itself was alright, I have to admit that I went to sleep about half an hour into the journey after I finished one podcast, stuck another one and then I woke up with about a minute of that left and turning into Leeds.

Moving my belongings in was about as good as I could have expected, or wanted. It was slightly strange how we all essentially moved in at roughly the same time, but quite awesome since we were all in the same boat. They're four absolutely cracking people, and I don't think I could have picked better flatmates if I'd done it myself. Our cooking isn't fantastic, and none of us will be winning Masterchef any time soon, but we're getting by. Saying that, I'm going to blow my own trumpet and claim that I made an absolutely epic stir fry before. The flatmates seemed to enjoy it anyway. At least I didn't have to clean up though, that's always good.

I really wish I wasn't feel so dodgy though. I didn't eat a thing really yesterday because my stomach is completely fucked up, and to be honest, I've not really felt like eating too much today either. It was just a case of eating because I was starving having not eaten since Saturday night, and I can't not eat my own food...that won't look good. At this rate, I'm going to end up addicted to Rennies or something stupid. It almost certainly shows why I don't take any form of drugs unless I can help it. I don't really see a need to justify my use of them, but I guess it's simply because I'm going to look an absolute bellend if I don't go out and party during Freshers like everyone else.

I'm going to need some more before I go out tonight, otherwise I risk being that sober dick who throws up. I'm in uni in the morning for the beginning of my talks, so I don't fancy having a ridiculously late one. To be honest though, I've slept quite well and still been getting up relatively early. I was up at half 8 this morning before I realised I didn't need to be awake and went back to sleep until 10.

Today has been a good day though. I went up to the uni to register and have a bit of a look around and get used to places, and it went rather well. Registration took the absolute piss and I was stood there for well over an hour, just to get a union card. I had look at some societies, ended up joining the Rock society (RockSoc!!) which will undoubtedly be useful for me through the year. To top it all off, I ended up on Student Radio doing a quiz show type thing and won. Sadly, my Doctor Who knowledge that won me free entry somewhere later this week won't really be great when it comes to the ladies...

Looks like this one will have to just be a couple of paragraphs. I'll be back tomorrow to share the love about my first day of actually needing to be up at Uni.

The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.

Walt Disney

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