Saturday, 25 September 2010

Freshers, fun and finding happiness

It's hard to believe I've been in Leeds for over a week, but it's been a pretty good week overall I think. Once we get past the initial sickness of the first weekend (which I still can't figure out a reasoning for, other than the dodgy lunch I had that day), everything else has been pretty good.

We had an intro party and I now like to think that I paid the princely sum of £10 to go into the union, lose my flatmates, listen to a funky jazz band for a few hours and then sit outside with another lost girl. Admittedly, I would have paid £10 for the musicians and preferred to have sat with that girl inside and been able to be a bit more cheerful and what not, but these are the curveballs that life throws at you sometimes.

Put it this way, if I hadn't have lost my friends in there, I wouldn't have gone back to the bar with the band and stayed there. I wouldn't have heard possibly one of the greatest covers of Hotel California that can be known to man. I wouldn't have got talking to some other people and I wouldn't have sat outside in the cold and spoken to a crying girl sat on her own. 

Yes, maybe I should have asked for her number, or at least given her mine, but the way I see would have been wrong to ask for her number when she had lost everyone and was pretty worked up. I offered to walk her back to her flat so she got home safely though. 

Maybe in another universe, I got her phone number and everything goes a little bit differently. Or maybe it doesn't. I'll probably never know.

I'll be completely honest and say I cannot remember for the life of me what happened on Tuesday or Wednesday. Actually, that's a bit of a lie. I kind of remember, but this week has rather merged into one giant mess in my brain. Tuesday I think was when people went to a 3D disco. I ended up in the bar chilling with people from B Block and Beth from upstairs, and then once the bar shut, we sat around outside for a while before deciding that going out would be pointless and retiring to our flats. Or something like that...

I went exploring on Wednesday and got completely lost trying to come back. Quite simply: epic! To cut a long story short, I ended up wandering along the main road (I think it's an A road..) for ages and trying to remember  where we had turned originally. On the plus side though, I know all of the industrial parks pretty well around here now. Not that such knowledge will serve me that well... 

Just think though...with bizarre things like that happening to me completely sober, imagine how messed up my life could be if I drank. It freaks me out slightly just thinking about it.

Thursday was a night of two halves. The first half was spent in B2.2's kitchen playing drinking games and I learnt how to play "On the Bus". Something I'll definitely remember the rules of. Obviously, drinking games aren't usually as fun when I stick to soft drinks, so I mixed things up a bit. It turns out that cheap Red Bull knockoff, coke and lemonade doesn't taste great, and actually makes you want to throw up a little bit. So even though I wasn't getting drunk, the stuff I was drinking was disgusting and something that I wouldn't have been surprised to see on Fear Factor or a similar show.

Then the silent headphone disco. What a funking awesome idea that is. It just meant I could go into a club and not have to listen to that awful bang-bang-thumpy dance music all night. Instead, they had another channel of music which was dedicated to playing rock, 90s, 00s and indie stuff. Just my sort of thing really. Nothing beats the sound of pulling your headphones down to hear several hundred people all singing Sweet Child of Mine though. We sang very loudly and very out of tune. Oh, how we sang though and how we loved it.

Obviously, inbetween all of these evenings, I had to go to Uni for various introduction meetings. Strange to think that I'll actually have to start doing some serious work on Monday! I'd better get some reading done!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit 


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