Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Can't you sleep little bear?

Even though I've not written on here for over two weeks, this will (hopefully) be a fairly short entry. Though saying that, I ramble on a lot and often say quite a lot when I'm tired so this could well turn into a longer entry.

There are a few reasons for this...since starting back at university last week, not a lot has happened in my life. I've had a fair bit of work to do already with the last part of the Core Language portfolio and a Phonology essay, which were both due in today, and handed in on time. We'll wait and see as to whether I get a decent score for those, but I certainly hope so. Well, hopefully the Portfolio gets a good mark. I've been pretty consistent with the previous three entries over the year so if that happens for the final part, I can be pretty happy with it.

Also, I'm incredibly tired. I know that some of it is seems that staying up to watch very delayed (2 weeks old) coverage of the ADAC GT Masters on Friday night, UFC on Saturday night and then Raw on Monday night has meant that I haven't gone to bed at sensible times, but I've not been able to sleep anyway. It's not a case that I haven't been tired...I'm tired, I'm just unable to sleep.

This comes and goes really...there'll be times when I can go to bed at a sensible hour and sleep right through, and there are times like I'm having at the moment where I'll find myself awake and unable to sleep, sleeping very little and still waking up in the night. So even on a "non-busy" night when there's no reason for me to be up late, I'm not getting to sleep until after 3 in the morning.

I guess I could probably find a way around this by changing something in my life to try and get a few more hours of sleep, but I don't know what...maybe if I knew WHY I wasn't sleeping, that'd help.

Of course, we're in that crazy and hectic month after the Easter break now where everyone is slightly mad thanks to the impending deadlines of doom. There's very little point in commenting on the workload, since I don't have it as bad as some people (especially those doing joint honours with a lot more essays AND exams to take), but I don't think I've done much moaning (if any) so far, so we'll cross that bridge at a later date.

In what is seemingly become a regular feature with what shall simply be the "ADAC and Austria Update", I now have a start date for my work placement in Austria, which will be 9th July. Of course, this is the day after the British Grand in some respects, I'd quite like Button to pull off a race win so I've got some bragging rights on my first day at work. After that, Vettel can win the rest of them and I'll still be happy, but it'd be a good way to start the year. Obviously, 9th July isn't that far away, and it's really just 10 and a half weeks away. I need to sort out a flight over there, find somewhere to live, sort insurance (though that's now done through the university)...there's still a fair bit to be done before I actually get out there. I've still been translating articles too which is good. I did about half a dozen pieces today on Formel ADAC and some of their drivers ahead of next weekend's races at Zandvoort (for which I'll be doing translations again).

Also, I'm feeling inspiration from people on Twitter within the seemingly ever-growing Deathsquad family and I'm doing some serious consideration into trying out a bit of podcasting before I venture abroad for a year. I'll have to look into getting some equipment for it and whatnot, but maybe that'll happen...I hope so.

There we go...not too long an entry! I'll be back at some point over the next few days with something new to discuss. I won't do one of these weird life update style entries, I'll have something of interest to talk about. Until then though, take care.

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