Monday, 7 November 2011

Stand up and shout!

I write this from what seems like a totally unusual location. I say that because I've not been back here for about 2 months when I last packed by bags and headed back to Leeds to prepare for the start of university. That's right folks, I've come home.

Of course, this has only really happened because we've got a reading week for the course. It's something that I'm so grateful for though. We may have only had six weeks of teaching, but I was starting to feel a little bit frazzled from everything, and being able to take a day or two to relax will help ease the way through to the end of semester. It won't be a completely work-free week obviously, as I've got two assignments due in for next week which will need to be done at some point over the next few days (and I'm hoping to get my translation done today to be honest), then there's always reading and preparation to do for next week's seminars.

Currently though, I'm in the middle of one of the most enjoyable streaks of nights I've quite possibly ever had. That's probably why I'm writing something on here.

On Friday night, we had the fireworks on Woodhouse Moor. As you'd expect, the fireworks and bonfire were pretty cool. Sadly, we weren't drumming because the conditions in the park weren't ideal for playing outside, and with lots of potential slippery hazards waiting to catch someone out and send them flying, I can see why the call was made. On the plus side though, it meant I was able to spend the night with some friends instead. Playing for the fireworks last year was pretty cool, but it means you're not really paying attention to what's going on in the sky because you're concentrating on playing and keeping it together. It was really cool to hang out with people and watch the fireworks go off instead.

Saturday was karaoke. If you've ever been in, or near a karaoke bar with me, then you'll know I love it. There was only a small group of us who went to karaoke, but it was still a great night out. Despite what some people were saying, I'm not actually a great singer by any stretch of the imagination. I can just about hold my own, but I'd like to think I put in so much energy when I'm performing (because at the end of the day, that's what it're performing), that I can mask my vocal flaws and put on a great song for people.

Everyone did pretty well though, and we all seemed to have fun. There are photos and videos galore on my Facebook page for people to flick through if that interests you. Sadly, there isn't much footage of the Grease MegaMEGAmix that I did with Hessie. We made Travolta and Newton-John look flimsy! Like I say, lots of energy, holding our own and having a great laugh. That...that's what it's about.

Then last night, one of the nights that I've been looking forward for a LONG time. Fozzy's first ever show in Leeds at The Well. The doors may have opened over an hour late, and gig might have not finished until about 11.15pm, but it was a really great gig. I didn't catch the name of the first support band, but they weren't great. I think the next band were called Versus, and they were pretty good. They were something a little bit different from the other bands on offer, but they had a good sound and some interesting songs. Actually, Emma bought their EP since she liked them so much, so I'll be able to say something better about them when I get to listen to it.

The main support were Jettblack, and they were awesome. Crawley said that it was like seeing Spinal Tap live, and I agree with that. The band looked as though they'd stepped straight out of the mid 1980s glam-rock/metal scene and onto the stage, and they were really good. I mean, REALLY good. I might have to track down their album (and in fact, I am). Go and check out some of their stuff on YouTube. Go! Go!!!

Are you back? I certainly hope so. You'd be missing the best part of the blog. Fozzy!!! It must have been about 10pm when Fozzy stepped on stage and they started their set, but it was really good. It's technically the farewell leg of their Let The Madness Begin tour, and I was at the LTMB tour last year in Manchester, so the song list was pretty similar, but they mixed it around and gave it a completely different feel. I know Jericho was saying that the new bassist felt like the missing link, and I agree with that now. The gig really was one of the best that I've seen.

I'm a bit of a mark for Chris Jericho, but I think it's pretty understandable really. Whether he's in a wrestling ring or on stage, he's awesome. I think his two careers go well together...for me, he's right up there as one of the best front men in a band that you could want. He's charismatic, he's energetic, he's a decent singer and he engages with the crowd. We may have been chanting Y2J when they came on stage, but by the end of the first song, those chants were solely for Fozzy.

Once again, if you've not heard anything by Fozzy, check it out. Hopefully you won't be disappointed.

Then tonight and tomorrow I'm going to the WWE tapings in Liverpool (which is a convenient reason to come home!). Yay! I'm not sure I've got much left in the voice to get really excited, but having the chance to see Bert River, CM Punk and many other top guys will be something. It seems really strange, I've never been to a WWE show. I've done the other major American companies and I've seen my fair share of things from the UK, but I've never been to a WWE show. Madness. That changes tonight, and they're TV tapings, so I'll be a very small part of history. No idea what to expect, and the preview for tonight isn't up yet. Either way, it'll be awesome...and I've finally got my CM Punk t-shirt.

That's enough from me. Check out some of the music I've talked about, they're awesome bands. Enjoy your week.


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