Saturday, 23 April 2011

Plans and productivity

I'm going to try something a bit different for a while. Instead of writing a gigantic chunk of text once every now and then, I'll write little bits instead and hopefully post every few days.

This Easter break has been really good for me so far. I've had plenty of time to relax, but my productivity levels have absolutely plummeted. It's mental to think that I've been home for just under three weeks now, and I'll be heading back to Leeds in a week or so. When I say it like that, things become a lot more scary. Especially when I realise that exams are just a few weeks away too. It's time to get my head down over the next few days and work my socks off so that I don't go back to uni in a bad position to set me up for the run-in towards exams.

I'm not getting too concerned about my German...Core should be alright and provided I cover my bases, AGC should be good (because it's in English!). I'm a bit worried for IMG since it's in German, but I think I know my stuff reasonably well. It's my electives I've been working on most. Trying to finalise this six piece portfolio of poetry is more troublesome than I thought! Pop and the Press essay is slowly starting to form together, though I'll need to go out and buy some magazines to really enable me to crack on with that essay. Once I sit down with the intention of writing that solidly though, it should be done within a few hours.

I'm not in a terrible position, but I'm not in the most ideal situation either. The middle ground is quite comfortable, but there are distractions galore.

I suspect the key is finding these distractions and completely ignoring them.

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