Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A two parter, and it's not the most cheerful of blogs

It's been a while since I last made a blog entry. In fact, looking at my blog, it's been the best part of a month since I last sat down with this website open to scribble down some thoughts. So...I hope everyone who reads this had a very good Christmas and an enjoyable New Year. I know I certainly did. 2010 was a bit of a heavy year, and quite a lot of stuff happened throughout the year so that it was certainly one of the more eventful years I've had. The month I had off from university was a month from December-January that I was quite thankful for. It just gave me the chance to do nothing and recharge my batteries. With a bit of luck, the batteries are charged up again and I can have a pretty good year.

We'll see though. I'm considering changing the old set of AAs in me. Who knows how I'd go about doing that though. With a bit of luck though, I'll have a productive year with university, friends, home life and the world in general.

It's a crazy world at the moment though. I mean, there's the floods in Queensland which have wreaked absolute havoc to the people there. They've ruined so many lives, though I have to admit that it really is awesome to see so many people doing their best to try and help out in any way they can. The cricketing world has stepped in, and at the first T20 with England and Australia,, they raised well over $20,000 among the thousands in attendance. There's charities and donation sites set up which are getting press all over Twitter and Facebook to try and boost their status and raise as much money as they can.

Then there's floods in Sri Lanka which have left hundreds of thousands people homeless. Of course, Sri Lanka isn't as strong a country in terms of economy and whatnot, and they're having major trouble. As if that weren't enough though, there have been floods and landslides in Brazil as well.

EDIT: I'll stop you here and fill you in on some stuff. I wrote this on Monday afternoon but didn't get round to posting it because it wasn't a complete entry, or so I thought in my eyes. It's now Wednesday morning, just after 8am. I've woken up and there's new stuff on my mind which I feel needs writing down. Back to the blog...

I've just had one of the most bizarre sequences of dreams I can recall in a long time. I guess this is why I wanted to write this down so quickly because often, people can forget dreams ridiculously quickly after they remember having them.

First one was about being at uni and getting an email sent through about having not sent in any work over the last semester. I'm not sure why this one bothered me so much, but it really did. Maybe it's because I know that I did send in all of my work last semester, and it was always on some instances, it was comfortably in on time with a day to spare. Of course, I'll now be incredibly paranoid about the idea that I should have actually been sending in all of my work online as well as in person for the entirety of my first semester, but that's something that I'll just have to live with.

This second one is the one that's really bothered me. I'm not even sure why I had it and couldn't tell you what it means for the life of me, or what I think it should mean. Essentially, I was grown up...maybe another 10 years older or so and was in a different building (we'll call it my home) and there was a woman there. Obviously, I'm not so bothered about this. If there's a woman living with me in my future (forgetting the fact that this is a dream and not realistic at all) then that's surely a positive sign. What bothered me though, is that there were no traces of my childhood or youth to be seen anywhere. Nothing remotely fun, and perhaps the thing that really got to me the most is that there was no trace of Froggy or anything like that.

It got me thinking...when do people decide they have to grow up and let go of their younger years? I'm trying to avoid saying "childhood" as much as possible because Froggy isn't part of my childhood at all, I got him when I was 15 or so. It was August that's 15, right? But that's completely beside the point. To me, he's still one of the stronger links to being young and the excuse and opportunity to be a bit ridiculous and have a laugh. Being completely honest, I really don't want to grow up. This all sounds a bit ridiculous at quarter past 8 in the morning, and there's a strong chance I'll come back to this later on today or something, read through it again and go "Dude, what the hell were you thinking? People already think you're strange enough as it is..." That, however, is a risk I'm willing to take.

I don't though...well, that's not completely true. I want to grow up in the sense of having independence and whatnot, and being able to live on my own or with other people, which is what I'm already doing to an extent. The part of growing up I don't like the idea of doing is having to become really mature and act my age. I don't want to do that. I'm not completely immature, but I like having my silly moments, and they're something that I cherish. I think everyone does and if they don't, they should ask themselves why they don't.

There'll be another blog coming later on this week. I know exactly what I'm writing it about already, it'll just be a matter of sitting down and doing it and publishing it. A rather suitable quote to finish things off though:

“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” (Tom Stoppard)

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